Meanings of the Latin Bride Symbol

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There is so much more to a Latin bridal than meets the eye, from a flower-filled ceremony to the symbolic arras ritual. These distinctive touches respect a woman’s culture, faith, and home.

Some Latinx couples opt to marriage in a temple before their large time, followed by a reception at a hacienda or another favorite place brazilian women for marriage. This is especially popular among Mexican, Argentinian, and Chilean brides and grooms.

Instead of a maid of honor or best male, the wedding is accompanied by her kids or guardians down the aisle in this ceremony. These individuals, known as Padrinos and Madrinas, have traditionally sponsored or purchased the lazo and reims. Although some modern newlyweds merely have these persons attend as a symbolic gesture, Baca says,” They’re typically folks that play a major part in the couple’s livelihoods.”

The padrinos and madrinas wrap the couple in a lasso ( think: an enormous rosary or silk cord ) to bind them together after the vows are exchanged. The couple will then be presented with new somme, which are 13 silver pennies that represent good fortune and financial assistance for the child’s coming.

The number 13 represents Jesus and his twelve apostles, which is a well-known custom that has a connection to Catholicism. As you begin your career together, it’s even a lovely way to show your loved ones how much you value their support.

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